Traveling with your children may become a challenge when you have not thoroughly designed your dream vacations with them. However, at the same time, it can  create piles of lifelong memories and  it’s great parenting, as it helps get kids comfortable with the wider world.With kids, you’ll live more like a European and less like a tourist. Your children become your ambassadors, opening doors to new experiences and relationships. Some of your best travel memories can be built in the following top European city destinations.

  1. London with playgrounds and glorious parks in almost every neighbourhood, London has plenty to entertain very young visitors. Its vast range of museums and sporting venues make it a winner for teens, too. From the Tower of London to the Changing of the Guard, there’s much in London that will bring history to life; plus, most of its major museums are free to enter.
  2. Amsterdam. Forget any trips you made here pre-children. Actually, you probably already have. There is far more to Amsterdam than coffee shops and the red light district; in fact, it’s the ideal place for children. Start by touring the city by boat or bicycle. The redesigned Van Gogh museum is unmissable (buy tickets ahead to avoid queuing), and for children of mid-primary school age and upwards, the Anne Frank House is a sensitive and unforgettable insight into the horrors of war – read this brave girl’s diary ahead of the trip, as a family. The food will please even the fussiest eaters (who doesn’t like a pancake or chips?). In fact, Amsterdam may be the most easy-going family city destination in Europe.
  3. Copenhagen. Forget Disney’s sappy happy endings: in Copenhagen , the fairy tales take a darker and altogether more fascinating turn. From the sad mermaid in the harbour to the magical Round Tower, with its equestrian staircase, there is plenty of food for thought. Tivoli, Copenhagen’s amusement park, open since the days of Hans Christian Andersen, features a handful of adrenaline rides, but also flower gardens, funfair booths, a lake, good dining venues and a romantic air in the evenings. Luckily, Copenhagen is so compact, that you can easily drag the children around town – and some spectacular castles are just half an hour’s train ride away.
  4. Salzburg. Skip serious Vienna in favour of Salzburg , where you can throw yourself into full-on Sound of Music appreciation. Swallow your pride and head to Residenzplatz, where you can begin a horse-drawn ride, singing Do Re Mi through the centre of the Old Town on a 25-minute tour. If you really want to spoil the children, hop on a bus to the outskirts of Salzburg and visit Hellbrunn Palace, a 17th-century villa with fabulous gardens designed by Markus Sittikus von Honenems, Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg. A tour of the watergame-filled estate reveals this eccentric man to have been a practical joker determined to soak his guests. Expect to get wet.
  5. Reykjavik. It is not unusual to find Icelandic babies sleeping in their prams outside of shops in Reykjavik , so safe and friendly is this city. Venture beyond the city limits for once-in-a-lifetime experiences of the wonders of the natural world: thermal hot springs, many with special children’s sections, the Northern Lights, and myriad adventures with Icelandic horses, whale watching, and hiking.
  6. Stockholm,Sweden’s capital bursting at the seams with things to lure children: from the World of Pippi Longstocking amuseument park or a casual stroll right by the royal palace, to the ever-present cinnamon and cardamom buns. Spend a day island hopping and the whole family will be charmed by the irresistable allure of Stockholm’s island districts, which are bound together by bridges and ferries. To save on your trip, purchase a Stockholm Card.

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