Aegean Miles + Bonus partners with Yachts – Sailing

Miles+Bonus invites you to get to know, a new member in its growing network of partners! is an Ask2Travel brand for chartering yachts in the Mediterranean Sea, specializing in Greece. Hire a bareboat yacht charter with no crew, a luxury charter with a crew on a motor yacht, including all the amenities, or book […]

Italy’s one of best places to visit: Alberobello

About Alberobello Alberobello, in the region of Puglia in southern Italy, is a strange and picturesque destination which is becoming an important fixture on the travel itineraries of tour operators as well as independent travellers. The small town has been made a UNESCO World Heritage site for its unusual districts of trulli, the characteristic white-washed conical-roofed […]

Belgrade boroughs: A tour of the top neighborhoods

  Divide and conquer, they say. A metropolis of Belgrade’s size is best conquered by exploring its distinct, vivid neighbourhoods. Spread out on both banks of the Sava and Danube rivers, each of them offers sites rich in history and culture and is hip and photogenic in its own way. Here’s a quick tour through […]

10 underrated European cities that are easy to reach by train

As the latest immigration queues at European airports have shown in the last few days, air travel can be a tiresome process in these early throes of the 21st century. The security checks, the passport lines, the interminable amount of time it can take for your bags to be disgorged from the belly of the aircraft […]

Travel destinations for honeymooners..and not only

Ko Phi Phi,Thailand In Ko Phi Phi, a small archipelago in the Krabi Province of Thailand, lush limestone peaks rise from the tropical sea, and warm waters lap on palm-lined sugary shores. Slammed by the tsunami in 2004, Ko Phi Phi has now recovered. Its natural beauty still recalls the tropical island dream evoked in […]

Italian North -Torino

    TORINO What does this town represent?   The city with the castles of the Savoy dynasty, the Pado River and the delicious food materials. Journey: There is no direct flight from Athens to Turin, while for  flights with stopovers, the solutions are few, relatively awkward, and rather expensive. However, Milan with the airports […]

All you need to know about Crete before visiting it this summer!!

Crete is the largest and most popular island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean, after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus and Corsica. Its capital and largest city is Heraklion, which is home to the region of Crete, including neighboring islands and islets. With a population of 623,065 inhabitants, about 160 kilometers south of the […]

Spring in Greece

Warm weather, nature in full bloom and unique customs. Spring in Greece is an experience not to be missed The Aegean islands, pared down to naked rock in summer, are a tapestry of thousands of wild flowers and herbs in spring. The valleys and plateaus in the mountains and on Crete are variations on a […]

13 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World

Egremnoi, Greece It’s hard to find a spot on Lefkada Island that doesn’t have spectacular views of the crystal clear Ionian Sea, but Egremnoi (or Egremni) beach on the west coast is particularly stunning. The beach requires a steep hike down some ersatz stairs, which thins the crowds, but once you’ve made the descent, the […]

7 traditional villages you should visit when travelling in the Greek mainland

Nymfaio, Florina   Nymfaio has been often included in “The ten most beautiful villages of Europe” lists, and has claimed the UNESCO “Melina Mercouri International Prize” for the excellent management of the area’s cultural heritage and the surrounding natural environment. Arcturos’s (NGO dedicated to the protection of brown bears and wolves) headquarters are located just […]