Warm weather, nature in full bloom and unique customs. Spring in Greece is an experience not to be missed

The Aegean islands, pared down to naked rock in summer, are a tapestry of thousands of wild flowers and herbs in spring. The valleys and plateaus in the mountains and on Crete are variations on a theme of green, while almond blossoms decorate the hillsides and rivers rush under stone bridges, giving rafting fans a surge of anticipation.

Fans of adrenaline-boosting sports will find spring a great time for horseriding, kayaking, rafting and river trekking – from the Arachthos and the Acheloos to the Alpheios, Louisios and Evrotas rivers. The weather during spring in Greece is perfect for outdoor sports and activities in nature. In May, when the mud dries on the dirt roads, the unexplored and pristine mountain regions will reveal their wonders to those who love off-road adventures and the options are many at all levels of difficulty.

Enjoy heavenly spring holidays exploring the majestic landscape with Greece’s two ‘sightseeing’ trains – the rack railway that parallels the Vouraikos Gorge near Kalavryta and the Moutzouris ‘choo choo’ in Pelion take you through breathtaking spring scenery.

Popular destinations in Greece during spring
In the popular summer holiday spots in the Aegean, Ionian and Crete, the Peloponnese, Halkidiki and the Athenian Riviera, the deluxe hotels, wellness resorts, spas and chic B&Bs open before Easter, in April. Whoever is lucky enough to take a holiday in spring and early June will have the legendary beaches to themselves. Also on offer: private tours of archaeological sites and museums, unimpeded strolls on waterfronts and shopping streets, dinners at famous restaurants without having to book, sailing without the angst of finding a mooring in the marinas. Springtime in Greece… who could ask for anything better?

Easter in Greece: the celebration of spring!
Come and experience a real Greek Easter in a place where it is truly exceptional: on Patmos, where the Holy Flame is brought direct from Jerusalem; on Corfu, with its many colourful traditions; on Santorini, where thousands of lamps light up the castle at Pyrgos on Good Friday; on Ios, Syros, Sifnos, Skiathos, Chios (where ‘rockets’ are fired at Vrontado), Folegandros, Leonidio, Kalamata, Arahova, Nafpaktos, Tripoli, Messolongi, and scores of mountain villages.

Local customs, the Ionian marching bands, the solemn Good Friday processions behind a bier decorated in white flowers by parish women, the Ascension ceremony on Easter Eve with its candles and fireworks, the spitted Paschal lamb, and the services in churches, monasteries and chapels will entrance you. Spring in Greece is a celebration – and Easter is the best example of this!

source : DiscoverGreece