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Athens EcoBike Tours – Guided E-Bike Tours


The ruins, the history, the neighborhoods are the same for everybody. We at Athens Eco Bike  Tours like to give a friendly and personal touch to the tour and therefore we choose our groups to be small, the Tour Leader that will Guide & Accompany you on the tour will talk to you and look at you.

We like to consider you as a friend rather than a client. We show you the way for a safe ride and light non dull anecdotes rather than monotonous monologues. We are the BEST, and we can prove it to you….

Explore the many wonders of historical Athens by eBike

Athens brings many rich images to mind, perhaps the world-famous Acropolis in all its glory, sophisticated and significant ancient sites made with marble, the prominent and recognisable church structures or maybe the scenic streets with colourfully decorated houses.

The city is widely-known for its historical and cultural significance from ancient landmarks, whilst today it maintains a lively culture of street foods, markets, restaurant and cafes. The foundational core of the city’s history and ancient character is readily accessible at various locations around the city.

Where it used to take a lot of time and effort to walk to the important sites across and around Athens, our guided eBike tours allow you to retrace the steps of ancient civilizations in no time at all. You’ll be able to cover more ground and recognize the architectural development of the city from its beginning, all the way through to modern day. It is an experience and timeline that only Athens can provide for you.


You don’t have all the time in the world? Book with us in 3 convenient time slots. We offer 3 tours per daystarting at 9:30 am12:30 noon and 3:30 pm, to explore The Historical Center of Athens  at your convenience.

A modern and easy way to explore the significance of the past

  • 365 days a year

High season(June to September) the following hours:

9.30 am in the morning

12.30 at noon

3.30 pm in the afternoon

October to May  the following hours:

10.00 in the morning

03.30 in the afternoon



  • LANGUAGE: The tour is offered in 9 languages  vias GPS-Guided audio tour 2-10 people per tour leader


  • STARTING  & ENDING POINT : Iraklidon 5 str., & Ag.Paulou- Pedestrian area.

Our service provides an optimal path of discovery, on carefully selected routes that provide maximum enjoyment with minimum effort. You’ll avoid the traffic as you cruise pedestrian areas, using bike and bus lanes, to smoothly reach each destination having seen famous sights along the way. Our tours can reveal sweet spots in the city, that typical tourists and even some Athenians are unaware of, whilst making sure your guided tour captures every major aspect of Athens’ character.

We believe in providing an experience of Athens that is more than just information. We like to keep groups small and focussed, so that you can really absorb your surroundings, learn about their significance and truly step back in time for yourself. Our guide/tour leader will personally enlighten you with the stories behind the stones in a fresh and engaging way.


Historic Athens Guided

Price in euros per person


Fast Track and Non-stop Riding Adults:35/Youth:30/Children:10
Sight of the sea coastline cruise Adults:55/Youth:5o/Children:25
Athens by Night Adults:45/Youth:40/Children:15

Included in the tour price per person, is the e-bike, helmet, Bike trailer or child seat if required  (at extra price), bottled water, Intercom connection with the tour guide and the GPS Guided tour guidance in 9 languages.

The tour is offered all year round, beginning at 10:00 in the morning from Iraklidon 5 & Apostolos Pavlou, close to the Thiseio train station.

9 Languages available include English, French, Italian, Spanish and German, Portuguese, Russian, Greek & Chinese are available via GPS guided audio Tour.

This tour may also be privately booked for an extra fee, whereas families and groups of more than 6 receive a discount

Παρακαλώ επικοινωνείστε μαζί μας στο παρακάτω τηλέφωνο 210 - 9582349